Brand & Design Consulting

Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision
for the limits of the world.

Athur Schopenhauer

To thrive in a changing environment businesses need lateral thinking and honest outside critique. That’s often hard to do in the day-to-day. With the help of a ready network of specialists and the experience of working for some of the world most renowned brands sharpen your communication and establish best parctice, quicker and more easily than with your existing resources alone. Consulting services may be on the basis of a clearly defined project or ongoing support to develop and grow your in-house capacity.


Forever Flask Branding and Kickstarter campaign for a unique – no plastic – thermal flask. The campaign raised over £150,000.


Your brand is the single most important investment
you can make in your business

Steve Forbes

We bring big-brand thinking to scale-ups and SMEs. Having distilled years of experience with global brands we help our clients to get the basics right, think long-term and align themsleves with their customers to unlock the unique value of your business for the next stage of growth. We offer a set of brand sessions to define and formulate you vision, value propostion, brand language, differentator and positioning. We define and segment your audiences (mind that these may not be you end-customers) and then help create a brand stratgey that works towards achiving your long-term vision, ties in with short term goals and steadily binds customers and adds value to your business.

Bring a Bottle After successful prove of concept we created clear branding and UX for this boozy e-commerce site

Communiciation Design

Clearity, brevity and style ...

… are the underlying principles in our approch to design. In a world that clamours for attention, brevity is king and hierarchy is key to foster a close connection with the customer. But clear structured and outcome focused communication can still be done in style with a little fun.


RedBull New York
Media plan on and offline beautifully visualising player stats and key information.



– Brand workshops
– Value proposition
– Customer segmentation
– Brand Strategies
– Communication Strategies

Brand Strategy
– Brand & Corporate Design
– Brand Guidelines
– Customer Journeys
– Art Direction & Campaigns

Communication Design
– Websites
– Social Media Campaigns
– Product Campaigns
– Sales Communication
– Investor Communication

Internationalisation of Instore signage system


Over the years we worked for some of the world’s most renowned brands such as adidas, Red Bull, Maserati, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and HarperCollins across multiple market sectors ranging from sports-marketing, automotive, luxury to financial reporting and publishing. We also guided Art organistations, gallerists, SMEs and start-ups to adopt big brand thinking to enable them to punch above their weight and communicate effectively with their customers.